About Dr. Hartridge D.O.

Dr. Caroline Hartridge, DO

Dr. Hartridge’s Healthcare Solutions products have been crafted from the experience and expertise of Dr. Hartridge herself, a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who is licensed as a general practitioner of medicine in both New York and Georgia.

She completed her internship in Family Medicine at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in Patchogue, NY, after studying Osteopathic Medicine and Public Health at Touro University in California and Environmental Education at Davidson College in North Carolina.

Her values have always emphasized patient-focused, evidence-based medicine that is sustainable, mindfully sourced and wellness-oriented. Her practice is based on the deep connection between the environment and health and the fact that our health reflects what we put inside our bodies and the environment that surrounds us.

She has carefully designed these products with pure, organic ingredients with proven effectiveness that are designed to maintain wellness and treat illness with the power of nature.

About Dr. Hartridge’s Healthcare Solutions

Dr. Hartridge’s patients and core values challenged her to seek pure mindfully sourced products and create unique sustainable healthcare solutions from the earth, for your health. Dr. Hartridge combines an organic, single sourced, U.S.P, certified HEMP crystalline HEMP derivative with proven and refined halo and epsom salt therapy and raw Costa Rica cacao to deliver three unique healthcare solutions to help you maintain wellness and treat illness.

Sustainable Medicine

The practice of sustainable medicine acknowledges a connection between environment and health. Our health or manifestation of disease is a reflection of what we put in our bodies and the environment and relationships we experience. My goal with the practice of sustainable medicine is to be a conduit of evidence based information who helps guide my patients as knowledgable consumers of health care.

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